The 2020 Vintage — A Year of Contradictions

The vegetation cycle was a bit later than normal, with flowering only arriving in mid-June. There was, however, plentiful precipitation, giving our vineyards an ideal supply of water — but also demanding a huge amount of manual canopy work. Our summer of hard labor between the vines ultimately laid the groundwork for a very strong […]

Single Vineyard Dr. Wunsch

To work with nature means to rely on nature. On this extreme steep slope (100% inclination) stand for 1.000 years one of the best single vineyards of Styria, just 1.5 hectare were saved and is run by us for 8 years now. After long preperation and hard hand work we were able to replant the […]

Strong Values

Gerhard Wohlmuth rely on traditional handcraft, yield reduction and cultivation close to nature, because one thing is clear: One hundred percent of the quality of wines is rooted in the vineyards. The family estate is a Member of the Steirische Terroir and Classic Wineries (STK) and certified “Sustainable Austria” since 2019.

Südsteiermark DAC

The very first DAC-System in Austria, in which handpicking is required. Bone-dry or dry white wines from traditional vines come at fix release dates in sale. The closer the origin, the higher is quality. From now on our wines are divided in Territory Wines (Südsteiermark DAC), Village Wines (Kitzeck-Sausal) and Single Vineyard Wines.

Vintage 2018

Bud break was very early, which made us again fear for our harvest due to imminent frost. Luckily, we werde completely spared, and the growing season started rapidly. Sufficient rain encouraged growth in the vineyards, leading to speedy flowering that ended as early as the beginning of June. In summer, we were faced with huge […]

STK Steirische Terroir und Klassik Weingüter

We are very happy and proud to be part of STK – Steirische Terroir- und Klassikweingüter since the 6th of November. An incentive and engagement to work in our Winery on qualitative envelopment furthermore; but especially to work together for our full of character and unique styrian origin.

Vintage Report 2017

Wines of Origin full of Character Following a disastrous frost in 2016, April 2017 made us vintners shiver again. Yet our vineyards managed to escape a critical frost night by a hairsbreadth. The growing season was characterized by extended dry periods, which our vines survived unscathed due to rainfall just in time. Since we abstained […]