Gelber Muskateller Ried Steinriegl


Wine Classification: Erste STK Ried (STK Premier Cru)
Characteristics: dry
Alcohol: 12% Vol. Alk.

94/100 Falstaff points

Wine description: Aromatic, very grapey muscat notes, black pepper, ripe mandarines, a Gelber Muskateller with depth.
Location: Steinriegl: Very steep (up to 78% inclination) top single vineyard located on high altitude and facing south-southwest. Highly flavour-intense wines with pronounced minerality. This vineyard was referred as one of the best single vineyards of Styria for centuries.
Since vintage 2018 this very special single vineyard is classified as STK Premier Cru.
Soil: phyllitic red slate with quartz inclusion
Winemaking: Very late selective hand picked grapes, short maceration time, gently very slowly pressed. Spontaneous fermentation in big old wooden casks and fermentation for 11 months on the yeast.
Altitude: 400-540m
Steepness: 50-78%
Drinking temperature: 12 °C
Drinking description: Avocado cream with touch of lime and turkey carpaccio, Wine soup with cinnamon sticks, Melon with dried ham
contains sulfites

Wine Classification: Riedenwein (Single Vineyard Wines)

These highly expressive wines give strong voice to the terroir of their specific Ried. As STK members, the Rieds are divided into Erste and Große STK Rieds. Wines from Erste STK Rieds must be matured for a minimum of 12 months in large wooden casks, while wines from Große STK Rieds must be granted at least 18 months. Singular wines of tremendous aging potential.